Soundcloud Rap V2

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

BabySantana and KASHDAMI are two of the top kids on SoundCloud joining the likes of Sofaygo and SSGKobe as the next wave of artist to blow from the platform. When you hear their music it screams “Internet” from the low-fi distorted beats, to the auto tuned delivery its clear these kids are literally kids. And that hold true as BabySantana is 14 from and KASHDAMI is only 16. The content of the music screams internet as it jumps from bars about fucking girls, and killing opps and primarily stays there. As with almost all rap in this lane it is less about what they are saying and what that makes you think about, and more about how the flow, beat, delivery and overall song makes you feel. Standouts for me are “14***’, “UP!”, “Antisocial 1 and 2”, “Trust Issues”, “Reperations” and “Prada”.


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