by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Lucki is a rapper talented and fortunate enough to have had two legit waves in his career the second of which does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I grew up on his first explosion in Chicago the first song I ever heard being “Count On Me”.

His abstract drug addled rap style has garnered a super cult fanbase that you can see is intensely strong in the internet haling him as an underground king. Due to this fact, many comment sections under his videos say stuff like “Bring that old Lucki back” and other statements of the same sentiment. Sometimes I can agree with ideas like this when it comes to artists (Wiz Khalifa) but very few times is it because the old music was better, it’s because the drug known as nostalgia has taken over your brain and makes everything you remember that was great about your past the best to you. This is the exact case with Lucki’s music and his new sound. The faster tempo, more aggressive drum patterns and the addition of melody have done nothing but make his music more mosh and bop worthy as opposed to the slug-like slow crawling tracks on “Alternative Trap and “Body High” as much as I grew up on and love them.

Listen to a song like “No Wok”, “Options”, “Sunset”, “Static”, “Me Myself and I”, “Out My Way” and a myriad of other more recent records, and try to lie to yourself and say that his old music is somehow better. You are holding on to your high school days when you first got high and heard the music, let it go. There is a reason why the man is more popular now than he has ever been. There is a reason why it is undisputedly clear that 2019’s Freewave 3 is his best project to date. His music has evolved and grown so much for the better and you are straight up wrong if you think different. Watch the video for U.G.K below in my opinion one of the best songs he has ever made. If you don’t like his sound now too bad, this shit is too fire for it to go anywhere but up. Dashmoney shit.


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