Artist Feature: Xanman

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The DMV is the new drill-era Chicago 


Its always a pleasant surprise when someone lacks that rapper look but has quality music. Xanmans cheeks are so chubby and pinchable it surprised me when he starts rapping or talking and his intensely gruff and deep voice starts talking about all of the guns and drugs that he has.

Xanman is a DMV artist and as soon as he starts rapping you should be able to tell. To me the DMV flow has replaced the Chicago stutter flow as the go-to flow for almost every new rapper at some point in time. No new rapper comes out without rapping like Splurge or Q Da Fool at some point. Xanman’s style is more authentic due to the fact that he is actually from that area and collaborates with DMV street staples like Lil Dude and Goonew. Don’t look for any thoughtful bars from Xanman as it is all gun and dope talk like most of the DMV rappers, and there is nothing wrong with that. Standout tracks for me are Many Men ft Lil Dude, Midnight, and a plethora of others from his already deep catalog of projects. Peep Xanman below.


Artist Feature: Mach Hommy

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

This man is fye


I have heard Mach Hommy’s name only once before yesterday and that was on State of The Culture where Jinx mentioned him in. I neglected to delve into his catalog then but his appearance on Earl Sweatshirts newest project made me finally take a look. Upon the first listen and look at “Floorseats” I was upset with my self as a Haitian male that I did not know about a Haitian rapper from Jersey who always has our flag wrapped around his face. Even forgetting about the fact that we are of the same nationality I loved even more that his brand is hardcore lyricism.

You can tell this man has been in love with a certain kind of hip hop for a long time and has perfected his style to a fine point. Mach Hommy’s style reminds me a lot of  Ka, as well as Your Old Droog, Wiki, Westside Gun, Earl Sweatshirt, and Currensy many of whom he has collaborated with.  If your down for some dusty grimy east coast production coupled with mind bending flow patters and bars Mach Hommy is your man. Standouts for me include “Floorseats”, “d’Shady & d’Lamp”, “2 Second Style “, “Stain Glass”, “Mami Wata” and many others. Peep Mach Hommy’s work on Youtube and SoundCloud.

Artist Feature: Pop Smoke

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Street Music To Dance To

Pop SMoke.jpg

Pop Smoke is one of the newest young artists bubbling out of New York right with a distinct new style. Upon first listen of “Welcome to The Party” the hyper aggressive content contrasts drastically to the extra bouncy grime type beat. The instrumentals Pop Smoke raps over is a big part of his style as I have not heard any American rapper hop on a beat that could be on an AJ Tracey album. When I first heard “Meet The Woo” and “Welcome to The Party” his two biggest records I couldn’t help but hear Stormzy’s “Too Big For Your Boots” chorus over the beat and I’m sure you will too. Listen to the hottest kid in the New York underground below and make sure your Blicky Twirl is correct.


Artist Feature: FREEWIFI

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Watch Out For The Hipster Migos With More Bars


This trio from Minnesota has reached my radar due to the legend known as Peter Rosenberg. He just conducted a Real Late interview with these guys in New York and if Rosenberg likes it there has to be something there.

There definitely is promise in these three young kids from Minneapolis. J Plaza, Daddy Dinero, and Tha Rift all started as solo artists in the budding Minneapolis local rap scene until they collaborated on a song originally for just Tha Rift, and decided to come together like Voltron into a group that is popping more than any of them where on their own. Citing influences like Three 6 Mafia, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, DMX, and more their sound is an amalgamation of styles that come together to sound like what a trendy but still weird 2018 rap group should sound like. Sometimes auto tuned and sometimes not, a wide variety of flows and an emphasis on hooks, flows and cadences. Standouts for me include, “Taking Off”, “Ghost”, “Salsa” ft Steven Cannon, “Ego”, and plenty more all found on their debut project Connected. Take a Listen to Free Wifi below.

Artist Feature: Young Nudy

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

PDE 4L Bitch

Nudy Da Goat.jpg

I’ve written about Young Nudy many times on this website but have neglected to write a full length feature on him for some very stupid and lazy reason. Young Nudy is easily rivaling Kodak for the most listened to artist in my rotation right now. As an offshoot of 21 Savage’s PDE movement Nudy has worked hard to get from under the label of “21’s homie” and establish his own solid fanbase. 2017’s Nudyland was his break from under the 21 Savage umbrella and 2018 looks to be another huge year for Nudy. Nudy’s style is the ultimate form of stream-of-consciousness rap . You need not worry if Young Nudy is lying about anything in his raps because it’s so off-the top it most likely happened an hour ago. To balance out his avant-garde flow Nudy bolsters his music with some of the best beats out today.

Nudy Pierre.png

Pierre Bourne and Nudy have unbelievable chemistry together as they started doing music together long before Carti found Pierre, establishing the ravenous cult fan base Nudy has in Atlanta. Standouts for me include the entire “Nudyland” project, “EA” ft 21 Savage, “Peons“, “No Deal” “Yeah Yeah” and tons more to find for yourself. Young Nudy is the shit, so keep you ears out for Slime Ball 3 set to drop this year as well as his collaboration album with 21 Savage PDE 4L. Peep his catalogue below.


Artist Feature: Goonew & Lil Dude

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Homicide Boyz Got A Wave Comin 

Homicide Boyz .jpg

Goonew and Lil Dude were brought to my attention by Ian Connor and Lil Yachty. Ian posted them in a crib banging their collab with Yachty “Homicide Boat”. Upon first listen I was not to sure if I liked them. Goonew has a very similar flow to Q Da Fool and other DMV rappers and Lil Dude can be very generic as well, but I kept revisiting because I felt I was missing something. Now after taking a hard few listens to Goonew’s GoonWick project I can say that despite whatever negatives people have to say about them (sometimes off beat flow being the main gripe) , their trajectory is looking up. One of the best parts about their music to me is their beat selection which ranges from complex samples to hyper minimal keyboard beats all of them knocking something serious. Standouts for me are “Homicide Boat” ft Lil Yachty, “Stain” ft Duwap Kaine, “Str8 Of Da Boat”, “80’s”, and “Goon Rich” from Goonew. “2.0”, “No Hiding“, and “Lil Boowop” from Lil Dude. Check the Homicde Boyz out below.


Artist Feature: Gunna

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Catch up with YSL Gunna


While it is hard for me to think of something that Gunna brings to the table that is distinctly his own, I can say that he is better than most at rapping like Young Thug. Thug would probably say the same as it was his cosign that first propelled Gunna into the spotlight. Sonically Gunna does what most rappers from Atlanta do, super fast spurts of rapping metered out by melodic sections, but his beat selection is better than most and he has access to high profile features by way of his connections. In todays music landscape its either hot or not and Gunna has heaters combined with a wave if internet hype. Standouts for me include “Don’t Play Wit It” featuring Young Thug, “Car Sick” ft Nav, “YSL” ft Playboi Carti, and “Oh Ok” ft Young Thug and Lil Baby. Peep Gunna’s catalogue below.


Artist Feature: Pierre Bourne

By Emmanuel

Don’t sleep on Pierre’s skills in front of the mic

Pierre on the mic.jpg

Pierre Bourne made one hell of a name for himself in 2017 as the producer behind multiple hits for the likes of Playboi Carti, and Tekashi 6IX9INE among many others. But his work as an artist should not be overlooked or dismissed. Pierre’s music is super melodic and feels like he has been perfecting the way he attacks the beats he makes for years. Even though he freestyles and uses lots of auto tune  like many artists do today, you can tell that he takes more time thinking about how his vocals and the beat combine for a complete record. Others have recognized Pierre’s talent as a rapper as well as Drake had him open up for him on select dates of the Boy Meets World Tour. Standouts for me from Pierre’s extensive catalogue have to be, “Honeyberry“, “Pokeball“, “Hacked my Instagram“, “Yo Pierre!” and “Hacked My Snapchat“. Peep the vast majority Pierre’s catalogue on Soundcloud below.

Artist Feature: Yung Bans

By Emmanuel

Get to know the Freebandz Gang signee


Yung Bans has been making a lot of waves as of late especially with his breakout hit “Lonely”. But the Atlanta rapper has lots more than that one record to get your ears tuned into him. Bans style is characterized by his hushed, melodic delivery and swirling, intoxicating beat selection. Drugs like lean are clearly a big part of his creative process and it makes perfect sense that he signed to the poster boy for drug rap Future. Bans is sure to blow this year so you should get in tune asap. My favorite songs from Bans are “Lonely”, “Right Through You”, “Dresser”, and “No Cap” amongst many others. Give Yung Bans a listen below.

Artist Feature: Drakeo The Ruler

By Emmanuel 

Watch out for Drakeo and The Stinc Team


California’s Drakeo the Ruler has a firm grip on the local scene out on the West Coast along with others like RJ, Mozzy, and 03 Greedo. Drakeo is sure to blow along with a few of these other local stars. What sets Drakeo apart is how is flow is very much characterized by his heavy lean usage. Drakeo is often whispering menacingly on his tracks as he quietly describes how he will flex on and or shoot you over dark and withdrawn west coast beats. He is very fire and you should all listen now. Standouts for me right now are “Impatient Freestyle” “Big Banc Uchies”, and “Fools Gold” Take a listen below.