Artist Feature: EST Gee

EST Gee is the hardest new street rapper out right now. The Louisville, Kentucky native just got my attention with his newest project I Still Don’t Feel Nun. His music is described well in the first sentence of this article. Extremely hard, drug dealing, gun toting, braggadocios street talk. Lines like “Standing over yo lady letting it dangle doin the cabbage patch” and “I don’t feel a thang so they cant find out where my weakness is” are what you can expect from the rapper. I just found out about this dude about a month ago and when I listen to his music in my rotation it has to be at least 9 songs in a row. If you listen to too much music like me you know how crazy that is. Quick standouts for me are “Opinion Base”, “Get Money”, “Still Don’t Feel Nun”, and “Young Drug Dealers 2”, Google him now.


Song Spotlight: Luci4 “BodyPartz”

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

If you have serious ADD I bet you love this song. My little brother (who has serious ADD) showed me this kid a while ago and during the time he did not have any hip hop type music out. That is the main reason I am writing a spotlight instead of a full feature because the rest of his music outside of “BodyPartz” is undigestible glitchcore super weird stuff. That being said “BodyPartz” is clearly Luci4’s attempt to make something more palatable to a wider audience. If Yeat was hella goth and emo you get Luci4 and “BodyPartz”, listen below.

Lucki > Lucki Eck$

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Lucki is a rapper talented and fortunate enough to have had two legit waves in his career the second of which does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon. I grew up on his first explosion in Chicago the first song I ever heard being “Count On Me”.

His abstract drug addled rap style has garnered a super cult fanbase that you can see is intensely strong in the internet haling him as an underground king. Due to this fact, many comment sections under his videos say stuff like “Bring that old Lucki back” and other statements of the same sentiment. Sometimes I can agree with ideas like this when it comes to artists (Wiz Khalifa) but very few times is it because the old music was better, it’s because the drug known as nostalgia has taken over your brain and makes everything you remember that was great about your past the best to you. This is the exact case with Lucki’s music and his new sound. The faster tempo, more aggressive drum patterns and the addition of melody have done nothing but make his music more mosh and bop worthy as opposed to the slug-like slow crawling tracks on “Alternative Trap and “Body High” as much as I grew up on and love them.

Listen to a song like “No Wok”, “Options”, “Sunset”, “Static”, “Me Myself and I”, “Out My Way” and a myriad of other more recent records, and try to lie to yourself and say that his old music is somehow better. You are holding on to your high school days when you first got high and heard the music, let it go. There is a reason why the man is more popular now than he has ever been. There is a reason why it is undisputedly clear that 2019’s Freewave 3 is his best project to date. His music has evolved and grown so much for the better and you are straight up wrong if you think different. Watch the video for U.G.K below in my opinion one of the best songs he has ever made. If you don’t like his sound now too bad, this shit is too fire for it to go anywhere but up. Dashmoney shit.

The Hottest Songs Out (No Debating)

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Pink Panthress “I must apologise”

B Lovee “Ask About It”

D Savage ft Lil Gnar “Stick In The Trunk”

Lancey Foux “tellyafriends”

French Montana “Appreciate Everything”

KA$HDAMI “Intermission”

AJ Tracey with Digga D “Bringing it Back”

Kanye West ft Kid Cudi and Young Thug “Remote Control pt 2”

Artist Feature: Pink Panthress

UK Garage Lives

This blog is about Hip Hop a genre of music that I have been thoroughly obsessed with for long over a decade now. But rap is not the only music I have loved over the years. Metal and Pop Punk has a very serious impact on me in middle school and I found myself listening to more of that in 6th and 7th grade than rap. Now as a 26 year old UK Garage might be taking over my playlist, something to finally wrestle my ears away from Yeat, Trippie Redd, Kay Flock and B Lovee. Pink Panthress is a songstress from the UK who seems to be reviving this genre and its unmistakably iconic slappy drum patterns. This sound does not confine her as she can definitely slide with some pop vibes. I remember hearing this sound in passing a few times and never once thought I would find myself listening to it, but here I am running “I must apologise” back to back. Pink Panthress may be a stretch for most hip hop fans but if you can open your mind I think its pretty easy to see how dope the music is. Try to imagine Jhene Aiko from the UK singing you into a trance that makes you want to dance like a white girl. Pink Panthress is a very rare vibe and I advise all to listen. Standouts for me include. “Pain”, “I must apologise”, “Passion” and “Attracted To You” Listen below.

The Hottest Songs Out

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Don Toliver “5x”

Mick Jenkins “Contacts”

Westside Gunn ft Benny the Butcher and Conway The Machine “Hell on Earth pt 2”

Yeat “Hey”

Yung Bans ft KASHDAMI “Blow Her Back Out”

Sahbabii “Bread Head”

NBA Youngboy “Kickstand”

Meek Mill “Love Train”

Cash Cobain “BOI”

Sleepy Hallow “Don’t Front Freestyle”

Artist Feature: Cash Cobain

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

More than a beatmaker

Cash Cobain is an artists from New York apart of this current drill wave but has a few key characteristics that make him different. Firstly, you may have already heard his name through his producer tag “This beat from Cash not from Youtube” found on many beats on songs from artists like Lucki and Lil Yachty. That is where I first started to hear the name and his signature production style being the first person to start putting samples over the familiar New York drill drums. After my intro to him as a producer I spotted an interview with him from the channel On The Radar where he talks about his work as a rapper as well.

From there I peeped his most recent tape Nirvana and was pleasantly surprised to hear it chock full of bangers, ranging from the NY drill sound to r&b vibes and beyond. Standouts for me include “BOI”, “What It Mean”, “GI Joe”, “Alone” and Wassup. Listen to BOI below and check him out on Apple Music.

Artist Feature: Teezo Touchdown

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

In front of that same damn garage going stupid

Teezo Touchdown is an artist from Texas who defies all convention. We cans with his look that screams Teezo and nothing else. The man has a dread head full of nails that he has never taken out even when he goes to sleep. I often think about him rolling over and getting impaled in the neck. His sound is a mixture of pop-puck, rap, and r&b rap being the least amount in the formula. 99% of his videos are filmed in the same driveway but with different themes and that setting is the only repetitive or redundant things about him or his music. It’s pretty hard to describe his sound but all you need to know is that its fire and so far from mid. Standouts for me include “Technically”, “Careful”, “Mid”, “I’m Just a Fan”, and “Campaign Freestyle”.