By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Will It Deliver?


As I sit at my 9 to 5 job surrounded by goofies, I find myself thinking about one of the most anticipated albums for the past two years, that album being Lil Uzi Vert’s Eternal Atake. 


The label turmoil between him Atlantic, and Generation Now has been well documented on the web and it has had fans in a state of constant salivation for new Uzi music. At one point we thought DJ Drama and Don Cannon were the issue,

Dj Drama uzi drama

then Drama says Uzi can release at any time, then Uzi says its coming in two weeks, then he says he doesn’t know. At this point I pretty much want to slap Uzi and steal his hard drives. Or slap some random engineer. I just wanna slap someone for Uzi music.


When albums like this take a while to drop it makes me start to worry, mainly because I know how artists brains work and when you sit on a project too long you start second guessing records that you initially thought were the ones and fuck up everything. But this time in hip hop is different and its artists are different as well. The psuedo-singles “Sanguine Paradise” and “Thats A Rack”


seemed to stave off the apatite of the masses but I could clearly tell those records are throwaways from the Eternal Atake sessions.  I just want the album to be as fire as I know it can be. Uzi is top 5 rappers out right now and it would break my heart if this project we have been waiting so patiently for is poop. Uzi please don’t play with my emotions and have this shit be straight drop.


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