By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Not your average Soundcloud kid


D Savage first exploded on the scene with the likes of Uno The Activist, Thouxanbanfauni, and Playboi Carti in the great Soundcloud Revolution of 2016. He then linked with Long Beach staple Joey Fatts and his Cutthroat Records imprint and it seemed that they were poised to rise even higher as a collective. But friction between D Savage and both those parties caused him to stop collaborating with those artists and go out on his own. His internet rep then took a massive hit after a beef with Akademics who commanded his chat niggas to hate D Savage for his own personal and petty reasons. I personally feel that this is a shame because D Savages music is far and above most kids hopping on a mic with auto tune. As soon as I heard “Tendencies” I knew D Savage had something special and his music since then has confirmed that for me. Despite his massive drop in numbers D Savage is putting out the best music he ever has specifically records like “WYTD” and “Racks On Me”. I am sure that D Savage will end up in a great place at the end of the day because even in the super hypebeast, everything viral, clout chasing generation, good music will always rise and find a home. Go stream his new tape Trust No One on all platforms now.


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