By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

More Than a Thug Copy


Sahbabii was one of the first artist I wrote about on here and when he first came onto my radar I found it hard to post him because of the similarity he held to fellow Atlanta artist and god Young Thug. His breakout single “Pill Up Wit A Stick” sounds so much like a Young Thug song I found my self writing “the kids accept clones as new artists”.

I still believe that but upon listening to more of his music and paying close attention to his career, I saw that I was wrong about Sah and that the heavy R&B influence in his music is what set him apart from his contemporaries. Sah takes from a specific Thug pocket found on songs like “Hey I” and “No Way” from Slime Season 2 and 1 respectively. He dives into this pocket on songs like “Titonooba” and “Cracks and Crevices” on SANDAS and goes full croon on records like “Watery” and “7 Squids” featuring R.Kelly.

I have patently waiting for more Sahbabi music but it seems to be at a fierce halt. In an Interview with Complex earlier this year Sahbabii said that his next album Wolverine would be his last. I don’t really understand why and from reading the interview it seems as though Sahbabii just wants to be a regular person who can watch Naruto and chill all day. I personally think that’s dumb and he should get back in the stu. But artists these days are more manic and sporadic than ever so lets just hope we get Wolverine before I die and stop sleeping on Sahbabii.


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