Lil Yachty dropped off his follow up to his breakout tape “Lil Boat” the other day via Apple Music. After I found a leak on Soundcloud I sat down with it and really digested Yachty’s project. Unlike many older listeners who critique todays new generation of rappers for their lack of content, lyrical ability, pronunciation. I came up in the generation of rappers who excel at making hits and come with an abundance of music. Growing up in this time in hip hop has trained my ears to dig through the mountains of trash that these artists can put out and pick the gems that can have massive amounts of replay value. Of the 14 cuts on “Summer Songs 2” a major standout is the Sailing Team posse cut “All In”. Yachty invites his friends for the unapologetically bright and colorful song. A snippet of the video can be seen in Faders short film about him entitled “Keep Sailing”.

Yachty and Co are seen mobbin on top off and inside a school bus shamelessly embracing the chants of the high school sound of his music. Check out the song



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