Smooky Margielaa “VLONE Flex” Video

By Emmanuel 

Smooky the young prodigy with another one 


I honestly thing that Smooky MAagielaa is a prodigy when it comes to his musical ability at his age. “VLONE Flex” is just another example of his amazing talent and future success in music. Watch below.

Yung Bans ft Lil Skies “Lonely” Video

By Emmanuel

Bans and Skies connect for an introverts anthem

Bans and Skies

Yung Bans and Lil Skies are two young artists poised to blow in the upcoming months. A few days ago they released an amazing video for the new song “Lonely”. The video is an epic astral adventure and is directed by our eras Eif Rivera Cole Bennett. Peep the track and visual below.

Famous Dex “Out The Window” Video

By Emmanuel

Yo diamonds so fu


Artists like Dex and Pump perfectly embody popular rap in 2017. Songs based entirely on energy and beat and ans that are drawn into the person for reasons far beyond the music. While some have their gripes with this new era of rap I love it and Dex came through with a heater called “Out The Window” the other day. The beat is a crazy unorthodox anime theme song sample, that fits perfect with Dex’s crazy style. Watch the video below.

Brockhampton “Rental” Video

By Emmanuel 

Saturation III is Incredible

Satutration 3.jpg

One of the biggest stories of 2017 has been the rise of California based rap collective Brockhampton. Kevin Abstract and company have made serious waves this year and they continue with their final installment of the Saturation series. The album is fucking great but of the singles released previously my favorite is the R&Bounce auto-croon ballad “Rental”. Listen below.

Da$H “Independence Day/Copacetic”

By Emmanuel

Loose Skrew OTW 


Da$H is prepping to follow his brother RetcH’s Still Up, with his debut album Loose Skrew. Today he drops the first single for the project since “Grade A” with the new track and visual for “Independence Day/Copacetic”. The first half of the song is a heavy banger while the second takes a more relaxed drugged approach. Listen and watch below.


Uno The Activist & Thouxanbandfauni “Act Up” Video

By Emmanuel 

These hoes be actin up 

Uno And Fauni

Uno and Fauni have proven their chemistry time and time again and last night they linked up with the go to director of this era Cole Bennet for a flashy visual for the single. Fauni and Uno’s debut projects have already impacted so I smell a collab tape from the best friends on the horizon.

Lucki “Incoming” Video

By Emmanuel 

One of the hardest out


Lucki is one of the best young rappers out right now. The Chicago native has gone through a re-branding of drugs in the past year and this new perc and lean Lucki reminds me of a synthetic drug using Curren$y. I would characterize Lucki’s style now as one of the more lyrical iterations of mumble rap. As Lucki’s tone and delivery is soft and drugged out but very audible and clearly thought through. Peep the Whyloneworlf directed video for “Incoming” below.