Yung Pinch “Another Day, Another Dollar”

Tryna get paid

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Pinch has been making noise in the underground for a while now and keeps ascending. He first made an appearance with the summer jam Rock With Us. Now he returns with the dark and wavy auto tuned banger Another Day, Another Dollar. I see Pinch really making his statement in music in 2017. Listen below


Desiigner “Thank God I Got It”

by mannygotbricks

This man really made his own lane


Being that I was such a Desiinger hater in the beginning it always astounds me that he somehow turned all of those Future comparing haters into fans by delivering quality material that eventually showed us haters that Desiigner is more than a clone. The jittery and electronic “Thank God I Got It” is just another example of Desiigners individuality. Listen below.


by mannygotbricks

Another one


Im officially addicted to J.I.D’s debut album The Never Story. This is the first project in a while to have multiple songs directly jump into my very wide rotation of music that I listen to on the daily. “Lauder” joins other hits like “8701”, “Hoodbooger” and “Never” that I cant stop bumping. Listen below.



by mannygotbricks

Luv Is Rage 1.5


My second favorite of the four songs Uzi just dropped is the DP Beat produced “YSL”. Of the four joints this is the hardest hitting and most aggressive record. The cover art may be teasing a Thug remix but for now enjoy Uzi displaying his signature style over the bombastic DP Beats instrumental. Listen below.


by mannygotbricks

Uzi switches the flow up


Lil Uzi just dropped four songs on his Soundcloud. They all have 1.5 as the title in front of the song name so I assume this drop is serving as a Luv Is Rage 1.5 before he drop part 2 this year. “Boring Shit” finds Uzi switching his flow up over a gospel sampled beat. Something I didn’t see Uzi doing at least not at this point in his career. Who would have thought Uzi would hop on a Chance the Rapper type beat and flex his lyrical chops. Shit is really dope. Listen below.


Extravagant Hendrix


Future just dropped two albums in a week and they are both average as individual projects. While Future does value quantity over quality the sheer amount of music he drops guarantees for a good handful of slappers in any release he puts out. HNRDXX is pop Future a version I sometimes enjoy more than his street content. “Lookin Exotic” is a horn led anthem and my favorite cut from HNRDXX. Listen Below.


by mannygotbricks

Super got power


Future’s self titled album Future dropped yesterday and their are many standouts among the 17 tracks. I posted my favorite joint “Draco” yesterday (easily the best) and today “I’m So Groovy”. The song has Future using Cudi like hums in between each melodic bar. Listen below.


by mannygotbricks

Hendrix back


Super Future blesses us this morning with his self titled album Future. The album stands at 17 tracks and is a lot to slog though at times but a major standout is the glossy and glitzy banger “Draco”. Future is inspired by Soulja Boy (as we all are) as the title and flexing content of the song are very Soulja adjace. Listen below.