Heatseekers: Nae Sano “Gucci Glasses”

Gucci Shades On I Can’t See A Hater

If you are not subscribes to the YouTube channels Astari or TrillPhonk you are missing out on some fire underground gems. I have mentioned previously about how I was turned on to 6 Dogs from the Astari channel well before Adam 22, Masked Gorilla, or any place that you probably have heard about him from. My newest discovery from Astaru is Nae Sano from Sweden. And while after quickly flipping through his Soundcloud I’m not entirely sure of his ability to be consistent, Gucci Glasses is too hard to ignore. Peep the video above.


Robb Bank$ “FALCONIA”

by ethagod

Cash Money Millionaires

Son of Shaggy.jpeg

‘Robb is looking to build off of the ype surrounding his recent Cash Money signing by dropping lots of music and today we get the second of two hard records in FALCONIA. A creepy piano loop steps in the background, as the drums and Robb’s energetic delivery make the song complete. Listen below.

Artist Feature: Drayco McCoy

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Drayco McCoy

Indianapolis’s Drayco McCoy is one of my newest discoveries. I found out about him through the underground rap podcast Chicago Sleepers.

Throughout the interview you learn that Drayco’s is a pretty regular person and very humble even after opening up for Bibby and Herbo at the Metro. At one point he claims that he does not really know how to rap yet a statement I disagree with after listening to his music. His music is very dark and clearly comes from someone who is angry. He definitely has a better grasp of flow and cadence than the majority of Soundcloud rappers. Something in particular that I really like about him is his tendency to scream the ad-libs behind his speedy flows similar to xxxtentacion. Standouts for me from his extensive 85 track catalogue are “Migraine”, “Head First”, and  “Im In Love With Fuck Shit”. Flip through Drayco’s catalogue below.

Lil Tracy “In Dis Bih” feat Thouxanbanfauni & Lil Peep

by mannygotbricks

Black Boy White Boy Swag


What a great year for music 2017 is shaping up to be with Tracy, Kodak, and a bunch of other people dropping insane records. Tracy’s new project XOXO has tons of great features and the contributions from Fauni and Peep on “In Dis Bih” make the record undeniable. Listen below.


6 Dogs “Someone”

by mannygotbricks


Atlanta, Georgia’s 6 Dogs is 17 and currently grounded. I posted his song that is currently blowing up on Soundcloud “Flossing” last year and his following has not stopped growing since. He just did a full length feature with Masked Gorilla, and this new song “Someone” is produced by underground hit-makers Nedarb Negrom and Captain Crunch. I described him as an emo Yachty in my last write up and my description rings even truer after listening to this sad boy banger. Listen below.


Key! X Omari Shakir “I Love You”

by mannygotbricks



Key! just dropped a certified banger last night in “I Love You”. The track is a love song Key uses to show appreciation to his many women. I wonder how his Bm feels about this but I’m glad he risking that drama for the release of this dope record.




by mannygotbricks

Luv Is Rage 1.5


My second favorite of the four songs Uzi just dropped is the DP Beat produced “YSL”. Of the four joints this is the hardest hitting and most aggressive record. The cover art may be teasing a Thug remix but for now enjoy Uzi displaying his signature style over the bombastic DP Beats instrumental. Listen below.


by manngotbricks

Chitown to Houston


Warhol teased this track dropping last night asking for retweets in return for the release.He reached the desired goal and blessed his fans as he promised with the hard hitting Maxo Kream assisted “Jugg Mane”. I feel that the underground will get proper representation on the XXL Freshman cover this year with young guys like Warhol and Maxo putting out quality like this. Listen below.