Smooky MarGielaa “Twenty 2”

By Emmanuel 

I just listened to it 6x


Smooky MarGielaa’s talent is beyond certified and he keeps coming with smash after smash. The 15 year old AWGE signee delivers again with the sweet melodic banger “Twenty 2”. Listen to this heater below as we patiently await Smooky’s debut tape MMM. 

Smooky Margielaa “Smooky’s Story” Video

by mannygotbricks

Jelly World 

Smooky .jpeg

Smooky Margielaa is one of the youngest artists I listen to at the tender age of 15. But even at such a young age he has caught the eye of A$AP Mob and his IG shows him constantly working in the studio with the likes of Na$t and Ferg. Smooky’s story is probably his best song to date next to “Layed Up”. Wacth Smooky flex to his energetic ode to chasin paper below.


by mannygotbricks

Jelly World


BX native and A$AP Mob protege is constantly in the lab in preparation for his future stardom. He has plenty of time on his hands due to the fact that he is only 14-16. Smookys Story is an upbeat ode to the cash. Listen below.


Artist Feature: Smooky Margielaa

by mannygotbricks


I know you have never heard this kids name before but let me tell you that you def will someday. Smooky Margiella is a 14 year old kid form the Bronx, and while his age may turn people away and dismiss his music, upon listening to a few records you can see the deep well of potential in this kid. If you need something to bolster you confidence besides his clear high level understanding of song structure, melody, and harmony, maybe the fact that he has been cosigned by the A$AP Mob will help you believe. The video for “Out My Face” shows Smooky on Rocky’s Snapchat before the start of the video. He has also been featured prominently on Twlevvy and Nast’s Instagram pages.The only convincing I needed was hearing the two smash hits “Out My Face” and “Layed Up.” Give this kid a year or two to develop and he will have a serious wave on his hands in my opinion. Give my standouts a listen below.