By Emmanuel

A major standout from Rarri’s first project


Ohio’s up and comer Rarri just dropped a very quality mixtape titled 2OUTH2IDE WORLDWID3. A standout and my favorite track from the project has got to be the storytelling cut “WORLDWID3” listen below.

5 Songs Being Slept On Right Now

by mannygotbricks

Wake Tha Fuck Up

Da$H “Grade A

Why this song doesn’t have at least half a mil on YouTube I will never know. Stop playin with this man. Loose Skrew will be fire.

Allan Kingdom “Know About It”

It seems as though many people aren’t fans of the new direction Allan took with Lines. Those people are missing out on amazing records like “Know About It”.

Joey Fatts & Vince Staples “562”

Joey and Vince are family and it shows so strongly on their collaborations. Ya’ll are sleeping on the smooth sailing banger that is 562.

Rarri “2outh2id3”


Ohio’s Rarri deserves more exposure for records like 2outh2id3 and What They Seem. Stop sleeping on my mans.

Key! feat Omari Shakir “I Love You”


Key! is preparing to drop a classic mixtape with Live Slow Die Old. Don’t sleep on the loose heat has been dropping to build excitement.

Artist Feature: Rarri


Take a listen to the catalogue of Columbus Ohio’s Rarri. After watching “What They Seem” and “2outh2id3” I decided he has lot of potential.

He somehow channels classic Chief Keef on the latter track and seems to be well connected with all of the cameos from high profile underground artists in the “What They Seem” video. Check him out below.