Pierre Bourne “The Life Of Pierre 4”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

On repeat after repeat after repeat


Super-producer Pierre Bourne just dropped the fourth installment of his project series The Life of Pierre and its a refreshing listen in today’s copy and past climate. Pierre has his own distinct sound that cannot be boxed in. TLOP 4 has some of the best production and auto tune combinations that you will hear in 2019. Standouts for me are “Be Mine”, “Doublemint”, “Horoscopes”, and “Juice”. Listen to this crack below.


Pi’erre Bourne “Planet Namek”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Super Sayain Pi’erre

Yo Pierre

Pi’erre Bourne does not look to slow up on the producer or artist side of the rap game as he continues to supply people with quality work on both sides. Today he drops off another one of his signature auto croon cuts “Planet Namek”. Listen and watch a wavy visual below.


Artist Feature: Pierre Bourne

By Emmanuel

Don’t sleep on Pierre’s skills in front of the mic

Pierre on the mic.jpg

Pierre Bourne made one hell of a name for himself in 2017 as the producer behind multiple hits for the likes of Playboi Carti, and Tekashi 6IX9INE among many others. But his work as an artist should not be overlooked or dismissed. Pierre’s music is super melodic and feels like he has been perfecting the way he attacks the beats he makes for years. Even though he freestyles and uses lots of auto tune  like many artists do today, you can tell that he takes more time thinking about how his vocals and the beat combine for a complete record. Others have recognized Pierre’s talent as a rapper as well as Drake had him open up for him on select dates of the Boy Meets World Tour. Standouts for me from Pierre’s extensive catalogue have to be, “Honeyberry“, “Pokeball“, “Hacked my Instagram“, “Yo Pierre!” and “Hacked My Snapchat“. Peep the vast majority Pierre’s catalogue on Soundcloud below.

Pierre Bourne “Pokeball”

By Emmanuel

So fye

Pierre Bourne is a double threat. Not only is he one of the most prominent young producers in the game right now masterminding hits like “Magnolia” and “Gummo” his solo music is just as good. “Pokeball” is an ethereal yet hard hitting Cardi produced cut that is sure to make noise. Listen and watch the visual below.