This is a playlist of songs to I like to get high too. Burn one(or six) and enjoy!

  1. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa “Rollin Up”

This used to be one of my anthems in my super stoner days(everyday). How Fly never fails.


This song just asks you to sit back and roll one “open your mind” the chorus softly chants.

3.Curren$y X Riff Raff “Froze”

Its Curren$y. Music meant to smoke to.

4. G Herbo Yea I Know”

You know I had to get Herb on here. Let the ethereal vocal sample of “Yea I Know” take you away and contemplate life.

5. A$AP ROCKY “Get Lit” ft Fat Tony 

A classic smoking cut from Rocky’s debut tape. The leaned out vibes will have you feeling some type of way.

6. Divine Council “Cant Afford Me”

The Council Gang provides every kind of vibe from soft to aggressive. ICYTWAT’S ultra trancy production style and Cyrax’s soft crooning combine for an ultimate smoking joint.

7. Wiz Khalifa “Still Blazin” 

Wiz is the sole reason behind why I smoke (I listen to rap too much). This song used to be on repeat for every sesh in high school. “Kush and Oj” will be forever classic in my eyes.

8. Chief Keef “Citgo”

“GBE da squad it just us we don’t need nobody,” in case you were wondering what he says. “Citgo” is a Keef classic and lends itself perfectly to laying back with a blunt full of Tooka.

9. Juicy J X Wiz Khalifa “Stoner’s Night Pt. 2”

The 2012 takeover of Wiz, Juicy and TGOD will forever be ingrained in my memory. This is a classic joint from Juicy’s ridiculous catalogue of drugged out anthems.

10. Wiz Khalifa “Up”

This is the highest most elevated song ever recoded in my opinion. Even when your not smoking it just takes you to that place. I feel like this is the closest that listeners will ever get to feel how Wiz feels all the time. Close your eyes and go Up.


WEST COAST WEDNESDAY: The Game X Kanye West “Wouldn’t Get Far”

I am revamping my oldies but goodies series to a daily event where I focus on a specific area of rap that I enjoy. For Wednesday we travel to Cali and one of its biggest contemporary stars in The Game’s “Wouldn’t Get Far”. This is one of my favorite Kanye verses as it was the first one I heard in which he wasn’t talking about Jesus or tragic car accidents and proceeded to flex on these hoes. Peep this classic ode to the video thot below.


Oldie But Goodie:T-Pain is A Lord


I recently took a dive into T-Pains catalogue. In an attempt to rediscover the excitement I once had in my middle school days for the Tallahassee crooner, I quickly learned again why his innovation with the use of auto tune has sent reverberations throughout time touching the styles of damn near every artist I can think of. My favorite T-Pain song has got to be the smash hit “Chopped and Screwed” featuring Ludacris. Upon listening to this six year old song I realized again why I had my mom buy me a hardcopy of his debut album “Epiphany”. This song is damn near timeless in my opinion. I used to listen to it on repeat when I was 13 and I’m doing it again at 21. Someone tell Yachty to take a page out of Drake or French Montana’s books and grooverob this record, flip it in some way, it’s meant to happen. Its’ a guaranteed smash. At least I think so. Get nostalgic below.





Oldies But Goodies(Weezy)

Part of what I want to do here is to put people on stuff that I feel was overlooked at the time. If you’re young like me you know about Lil Wayne, but many people’s memory is confined to his big records and neglect deep cuts of which he has many. A personal favorite of mine is the 2008 loosie from the Carter III sessions entitled “Thats My Nigga”. Looking at this record and others like “Eat You Alive” you can see how Wayne’s use of auto-tune carried on to influence current heavy hitters like Young Thug who has been quoted as saying he only listened to Wayne and Gucci when coming up. The track is undeniable in my opinion, check it out below.