The Internet “Roll (Burbank Funk)”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Holy Funk


The Internet return from their brief hiatus exploring solo ventures to follow up their 2015 Grammy nominated album Ego Death. I was definitely obsessed with that album and my anticipation for this one is extremely high. This first single is an ultra smooth, funky jam that is perfect for sliding around in your socks too. Listen below.



by mannygotbricks

Baby makin music


Syd of The Internet is due to release her solo debut album Fin on Columbia records this month and she delivers her second single following the bangin All About Me. Body belongs on everyones Quiet Storm playlist. She goes full Maxwell on this slow burning R&B classic. Get sexy below.


Syd Tha Kid .jpg

In their interview with Pharell Grammy nominated the band The Internet announced they were all going to be releasing solo projects in 2017. First up is lead singer and instrumental member of Odd Future Syd Tha Kid. “All About Me” is a trap flavored R&B track that absolutely bumps. Syd’s ghostly singing voice glides over the dark trap instrumental perfectly to create a truly unique sound. Listen below.




Odd Future OG Hodgy beats just dropped the single from his debut album Fireplace:NotTheOtherSide which is due out Dec. 9th. The song sports a smooth jazzy vocal sample and Hodgy’s bar heavy verses glide over it amazingly. Apparently Hodgy has features from Busta Ryhmes and Lil Wayne on his debut which I would really love to know how and when those happened but regardless its tight and a massive look for Hodgy.