D Savage “Kame In” (Snippet)

By Emmanuel

Shootin up the party

D savage Gold

D Savage is gearing up for his debut project D Phoenix sooner than later as he finally did his highly anticipated No Jumper interview. Now he follows up with a crazy teaser for a record titled “Kame In“. The song sounds crazy and I’m sure D Phoenix will live up to the hype. Watch below.

Heatseekers: Nae Sano “Gucci Glasses”

Gucci Shades On I Can’t See A Hater

If you are not subscribes to the YouTube channels Astari or TrillPhonk you are missing out on some fire underground gems. I have mentioned previously about how I was turned on to 6 Dogs from the Astari channel well before Adam 22, Masked Gorilla, or any place that you probably have heard about him from. My newest discovery from Astaru is Nae Sano from Sweden. And while after quickly flipping through his Soundcloud I’m not entirely sure of his ability to be consistent, Gucci Glasses is too hard to ignore. Peep the video above.



by mannygotbricks



Lil Tracy has been teasing this mixtape for months and it dropped a few days ago. Tracy has recently been seen linking with other big underground artists like Famous Dex and apparently they have a good friendship. He isn’t on this tape but a standout track is “RackAid” featuring Atlanta youngin Uno The Activist. Standouts on the short 9 track list for me are “Minajatwa”, “RackAid”, “Come Again”, and “Wait…Hollup”. Listen below.


Is Drake Stealing XXXTENTACION’S Flow?

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Jahsey Onfroy.jpg

Well this is interesting. After collecting info from my various sources and listening to the live song Drake previewed,  I would say he isn’t copying the flow directly but he was clearly inspired by X’s rising profile and massive amount of Internet fame. The vocal inflections he uses to make his voice wispy and small are just like how X’s are in the first verse of Look At Me. Too many people use triplet flow variations to say that Look At Me is the one song that made Drake do this. But, if you pay attention to Drake’s career he has been proven as the ultimate hypebeast, and king of wave riding. He is an internet rap nerd and keeps his ear to the streets. At the very least has people that come report to him what’s hot on the web. How else would he have known about Migos, Makonnen, PND, The Weeknd, as well as multiple other big names at times when they were still local stars?


And being that X is probably one of biggest internet stars right now it makes perfect sense that with his impending release from prison Drake hopped on the bandwagon. Honestly I can’t even be mad at him for biting anymore because no one besides me cares enough. This is actually just dope because this conversation is going to expose so many people to my guy X, and that is all I want. Listen to an audio comparison of the two songs below.


by mannygotbricks

Roller coaster ride

Pollari .jpg


I don’t know much about Pollari besides that he is from Atlanta from the crop of popular rappers today such as Yahchty, Uno, Carti etc… This song is undeniably catchy, fun and poppy, no doubt the reason Adamn 22 of No Jumper deccided to put it on the No Jumper YouTube channel. Watch the video below.