Lil Pump “Boss”

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Trapper of the century 

Happy Pump

Pump just dropped off another high energy banger Boss. Listen to Pump flex like Rick Ross below.


Lil Pump “Flex Like Ouu”

by mannygotbricks

Ronny J produced it 


Lil Pump is an underground staple and wont be underground for too much longer. As his bro Smokepurpp has just signed a big record deal and is getting production form the likes of TM88 and Southside I see the same thing happening for Pump in the near future. He may not need much production helps as star underground producer Ronny J keeps lacing him with heat. Listen to Lil Pump flex like ouuu below.

Smokepurpp “Up Now Fuck Next” EP


Lil Water has finally blessed the public with a full body of work in the form of the six track EP “Up Now Fuck Next”. Appearances from underground stars like Larry June, Xavier Wulf and Fat Nick lace the EP. From the sound of the first listen it seems as though Purpp has begun to perfect his signature “itnorant” brand of trap music ad from the height of his numbers online it seems as though the net is going to embrace him fully. Standouts on the tape for me are,  “It didn’t have to end like this” feat Xavier Wulf and “datywaydisway” feat Larry June.  Give those tracks as well as the rest of the EP a listen below.


Lil Pump ft Smokepurpp “Broke my Wrist”


Lil Pump comes through only thirty minutes ago with the emphatic banger “Broke My Wrist. Ronny J supplies a beat that drives Pump to heights I haven’t heard him at previously. (Still not that high tho) I can honesly say I enjoy this record regardless of my previously stated gripes wit Pump’s music. Check “Broke My Wrist Blow” shits hot.