Juice WRLD “My X Was Poison”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Sad Boy Life

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Chicago’s Juice WRLD is steadily blowing up and as a Chicagoan I could not be happier. His emotional pop punk style of rap is the wave right now and his numbers rising obviously prove it. Today he hits fans with another emo anthem in “My X Is Poison”. This is not a super clear smash like “All Girls Are the Same” but a dope record none the less. Listen below.

Juice WRLD and Cole Bennet Link for “All Girls Are The Same” Video

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles 

Juice WRLD up next 

I just raved about Juice in my feature article that you all should check out, but it seems as though I am not the only one that sees the potential in his music as Cole Bennet has linked with him to drop one of his signature videos for Juice’s most popular record “All Girls Are The Same”. The video matches the solitary theme of the record as it shows Juice in a variety of animated settings all alone contemplating the level of trifling that these hoes can reach. Watch the video above.


Artist Feature: Juice WRLD

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

This kid got it

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I just got out of bed at three in the morning to write this because Chicago artist Juice WRLD is the shit, and I had to let whoever reads this know right now. Upon first listen to his music it screams Lil Peep/Tracy/Kid Cudi in the best ways possible. Juice’s music is emo rap at its finest. His content is not all sad boy stuff though as he can still stick his chest out and talk his shit like a more traditional rapper. Juice WRLD’s beat selection is impeccable and he has a mean hook pen and ear for melodies. I love how the vast majority of his music is produced by the same two people showing that he has a firm grasp on his process and sound. Standouts for me are “All Girls Are The Same”, “Rainbow”, “Until Its Over (closure)“, “Demo Wreck” and “Something New” among many I am sure I have yet to find. Peep Juice WRLD below.