D Savage Does First Full Interview With Say Cheese Explains Joey Fatts Fallout

By Emmanuel

D Savage Is No Longer Cutthroat


D Savage is pretty reclusive so getting a full 10 min interview with him is very rare. Of course it comes from Say Cheese who gets all the viral underground people on cam having just done Tay-K’s first ever interview from jail. In this exclusive Say Cheese and D Savage dig into his fallout with Joey Fatts something I did not even know had happened. Apparently it had to with D Savage’s case. Watch the interview below.


XXXTENTACION Does First Interview Out Of Jail

by mannygotbricks




X was recently released from prison and he visited 103.5 The Beat in Florida to discuss with his hometown station to talk about his life, the explosion of his music while he was in jail, and of course Drake, who he ends up calling a bitch and going off on. Watch below.



Uno The Activist and Thouxanbandfauni Interview

by mannygotbricks

New Wave 


Uno and Fauni just did a Mass Appeal interview covering a myriad of topics including their first shows, the old vs the new regime of hip hop, and a very interesting story about Fauni fighting Uno’s roommate over Fauni smashing the roommates girl. Watch below.


Da Future.jpg

The time is almost upon us. 

Chicago rap media outlet Elevator just released a 27 minute interview featuring X and Ski in anticipation for his January 19th release from prison. It covers their relationship and the beginnings of their rap careers, influences, their view on haters, and how they think things like fame and money will affect them among other things. It’s not the hour and a half long saga that his No Jumper interview is but its another great look into the minds of X and Ski. Shout out Elevator for uploading this, Chicago niggas always know what’s up.


Artist Feature: XXXTENTACION


by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

This kid is the future


Today’s rap music isn’t just a cool rhyme over a drum beat. Every artist that comes out has a mix of other genres of music that they incorporate into their bars, flow, and instrumentals. This is most likely due to the fact that the biggest rapper out is a former actor form Canada who sings R&B just as much as he spits, if not more. This new climate in hip hop has allowed artist to push their sound even further and create new genres of music. A leader in this art of genre-bending has to be punk rap innovator XXXTENTACION.


X hails from Broward County in South Florida adding to the rising profile of the state with artists like Wifiisfuneral, Kodak Black, and Denzel Curry. I use the term punk rap to describe his music because to me its exactly what it is. X’s flow and cadence is similar to many contemporary artists of the time, his bars are spaced out and punctuated by ad-libs (think Lil Uzi or Famous Dex) But where X separates himself is in the way he uses his voice to scream his bars like he’s in a metal band. His delivery might throw casual rap listeners off but if your into progressive thinking music you should be down. X’s song structure and beat selection is also eclectic as many of his songs are oddly short and sound unmastered with uncompressed rattling 808’s and dark synths. I listen to this man nonstop and its hard to pick just a few songs to showcase, but some of my favorites have to be “Yung Bratz” and his most popular track “Look At Me”

Another piece of this guy that should attract people to him and another big reason behind why I think he is gonna blow in the underground and beyond, is the fact that the kid is completely insane. He is currently locked up for a myriad of charges including gun possession and assault.


Watch his interview with Adam22 on the No Jumper podcast. After hearing some of the stories he tells about his life it will be clear as to why his music is so uncompromisingly angry and aggressive. Keep in mind the he is only 18 and the stories he tells in the interview are from when he was like 14-16.

Free X.


Birdman on Breakfast Club Gets No Respek

The Cash Money general stopped by the Power 105.1 station to chop it up with Charlamagne, Angela and Envy. The interview went astray as Birdman and his goons entered with very hostile energy and he begins to demand respek from all the tree journalists. Charlamagne quickly ignored the vibes coming from Birdman as he immediately lets his gun buss off in the interview by asking Baby why he didn’t run up on Trick Daddy or Rick Ross as all three have made comments on Birdman’s suspect business dealings. Watch the classic but short interview below.