Mathiaus Young “Don’t Wanna Lose”

By Emmanuel

Ya’ll need to stop sleeping on this man


Indiana’s Mathiaus Young is another underground artist who is criminally slept on especially for the clear elite level of talent the kid has. Today he drops off another self produced auto-croon banger titled “Don’t Wanna Lose”. Listen below.




Drayco McCoy “8 Ton Gorilla”

By Emmanuel 

One big ass monkey 


Indiana’s Drayco McCoy has not been letting up on the releases as of late and today we get another devastating banger from him titled “8 Ton Gorilla”. The beat is so distorted and monstrous it is not a surprise he felt the need to title the song this. Listen below.

Artist Feature: Mathaius Young

by Emmanuel

Indy got heat’


Mathiaus Young is another up and comer from Indianapolis who often runs with Drayco McCoy. In an interview with the Chicago Sleeperz Podcast Drayco mentioned that he had a clique of friends in Indy who all had great solo music. After taking a listen to Mathiaus Young’s  music I can say I agree at least when it comes to him. He recently got his first big solo placement with HNHH posting his most recent mixtape Take The Night Away. Mathius has a much more chilled and relaxed vibe as opposed to Drayco as you can hear a lot of R&B influence and introspective content in his music. But make no mistake he can t’up with the rowdiest of them. Standouts for me are “Fuck” ft Draycco McCoy, “Wassup”, and “It’s All Over” Take a listen to Mathiaius Young below.