AJ Tracey “LA4AWEEK” ft Swoosh God

by Emmanuel

AJ+Swoosh God=Fire

AJ Tracey.jpg

UK grime staple AJ Tracey connects with A$AP Mob affiliate and “Get Out My Face” singer Swoosh God. This is a huge look for Swoosh God as his star is rising and adds to the already prominent career of AJ Tracey.



Stormzy “Cold” Video

by mannygotbricks

You get me bruv?


Stormzy is one of the biggest names in the grime scene and his debut album “Cush and Cigarettes” is getting lots of attention here in the States as well as it just went gold. The visual for “Cold” literally plays off of the name as Stormzy raps in a flurry of snow and cold fluorescent lights. Watch below.


by mannygotbricks

Original is best


Yea so I like Grime now. One of the premier grime artists out now is Dave and his huge single “Wanna Know”. The song was released five months ago and gained enough buzz in England to warrant a remix from the top dog Drake himself. Although the remix is cool its a net-wide consensus that the original is better. European artists have an appreciation for complexity in their lyrics and melodies that is crazy. It might drive a few listeners off but “Wanna Know” is a smooth introduction to genre for newcomers. Watch the video below.



by mannygotbricks

Grime on the rise


Skepta is one of the first artists from London to make waves in America since Dizzee Rascal and the beginnings of grime. The art form has evolved to a much more listenable state as the influence of American rap has touched and influenced many London MC’s as. His debut album Konichiwa didn’t make the commercial impact many expected but the music was and is still definitely there.Watch the video for Skepta’s nocturnal banger “No Security” below.