Famous Dex “Celine”

By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Dex Meets Dexter Out Now

Dex Meets Dexter.jpg

Dexters debut album just dropped and the 14 track effort is chock full of bangers to throw your arms up in the air and do the Dexter dance too. My favorite off of the first listen has got to be the auto croon banger “Celine”. The high energy record find Dex talking about how he loves to shower his boo with expensive clothing. Shits hard. Listen below.


Famous Dex “Out The Window” Video

By Emmanuel

Yo diamonds so fu


Artists like Dex and Pump perfectly embody popular rap in 2017. Songs based entirely on energy and beat and ans that are drawn into the person for reasons far beyond the music. While some have their gripes with this new era of rap I love it and Dex came through with a heater called “Out The Window” the other day. The beat is a crazy unorthodox anime theme song sample, that fits perfect with Dex’s crazy style. Watch the video below.

A$AP Ferg ft A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti Rich The Kid & Famous Dex “Mattress Remix”

By Emmanuel

A posse cut for the ages

Still Striving

Still Striving is Fergs return to form in my opinion as his last two projects were pretty lackluster. Another standout on this great tape is the nightmarish “Mattress Remix” Ferg calls upon Rich and Dex to go back and forth with him and Rocky over an evil, ultra dark sounding beat. Listen to these guys go off below.




Rich forver.jpeg

I Heart Haters

Dex and Rich have an undeniable chemistry on records together. They seem to know that and continue to double down on that fact. With previous smash’s like “I’m Cool”, “Goyard”, and “New Wave”, “So Mad” builds on that chemistry as Rich and Dex keep flexin their own signature way. Rich Forever 3  is sure to be flames. Shout out Polo Boy Shawty on the beat one of my favorite young producers. Watch below.