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New Atlanta


This new SahBabii kid has actually grown one me. Ive been sitting with his debut tape S.A.N.D.A.S and Bullshit along with a few other records have stood out. I was not expectin to liek anything else from him besides Pull Up Wit A Stick but it seems as though I underestimated SahBabii;s potential. Listen below.


SahBabii X Loso Loaded “Pull Up Wit A Stick” Video

by mannygotbricks

Thug and 21 dun had a jit.


SahBabii is gaining a massive buzz in the Atlanta underground. I was put on by the likes of Joey Fatts and Kehlani who have been blasting this song on their IG’s. While it is hard to deny the appeal of the song itself, I can’t get over just how much this kid sounds like Thug and 21. He literally says “on that slaughter gang shit” and “pull up wit a stick” is a very popular Thug song. Even in the way he uses melody and manipulates his auto tune it all screams Thug/21 clone. He even looks like the baby of Thug and 21 physically, it’s scary. But my gripes won’t have any effect on the success of the song. The simple fact of the matter is today’s rap fans don’t care about biting. If it sounds good they like it. And SahBii sounds great, albeit very familiar. I’ll give him one major creative point though, the title of his debut mixtape is the acronym S.A.N.D.A.S, it stands for Suck A Nigga Dick A Somethin, amazing. Listen below.


Artist Feature: FATMANKEY!


Most may know Key! from his instrumental work with Two-9, Makonnen, Father, OG Maco and 21 Savage, but most are probably blind to his solo work and the influence he has had over the youth in Atlanta. I just recently watched an interview where Key! stated he along with Reese Laflare were the inventors of the current wave of aye ad-libs and long pauses that are so prevalent in rap flows today.

Upon learning this I checked out his music and you can definitely hear his mastery of the flow. In the interview Adam 22 characterized Key! as having a “black belt mastery” of the style that so many kids just get high on pills and lean and do, and I for one agree. Key!’s form of swag rap comes from a place of intelligence and a high level understanding of what he’s laying down rather than a drugged out zombie space, where the artist doesn’t know or even cares to know what they are saying.


That interview on No Jumper got me excited for the release of his new music as well as he claims his new project “Live Slow, Die Old”(dopest title ever) is coming soon.  Standouts for me from Key!’s extensive catalogue are “New Money”, “Yo Bad”, “38 Hot”, “Puking”, and “Street Fighter” among others. Check out FATMANKEY! below, he’s fye as shit.




I was sleep you guys Xavier Wulf dropped “‘Tundra Boy Season 2” five hours ago and I neglected to inform you. The title Tundra Boy seems to be a theme for this project as Xavier trades his usual super high energy, and enigmatic vocal delivery for a more cold and chilling version of himself. This is not a negative change as it simply shows Xavier’s versatility and span of influences as many songs have a Lil Peep/Horsehead feel to them. Production on this tape comes from BigHead, Gnealz, and Nedarb Negrom among others. Standouts for me include “Cold Front”, “Uncle Wulf Ruckus”, “Polish and Shine” and “Dead Dragon.” Peep “Tundra Boy Season 2” below. HollowSquaaaad.


Artist Feature: Smooky Margielaa

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I know you have never heard this kids name before but let me tell you that you def will someday. Smooky Margiella is a 14 year old kid form the Bronx, and while his age may turn people away and dismiss his music, upon listening to a few records you can see the deep well of potential in this kid. If you need something to bolster you confidence besides his clear high level understanding of song structure, melody, and harmony, maybe the fact that he has been cosigned by the A$AP Mob will help you believe. The video for “Out My Face” shows Smooky on Rocky’s Snapchat before the start of the video. He has also been featured prominently on Twlevvy and Nast’s Instagram pages.The only convincing I needed was hearing the two smash hits “Out My Face” and “Layed Up.” Give this kid a year or two to develop and he will have a serious wave on his hands in my opinion. Give my standouts a listen below.




Da$H just dropped the militant slapper along with the visual “Grade A”.  Its been a while sine the “Fetti” hit maker has blessed us with new music. But with his partner in crime RetcH free it seems now is the perfect time to turn back up. The song finds Dash telling off systems of authority while flexing on his competition. The chorus screams “Fuck the cops/fuck the judge/ fuck the DEA.” Its a wonderfully grimy hard hitting track sure to satisfy core fans of H’s Global. Keeps your ears peeled for DasH’s project “Loose Skrew” to come any minute now as well.


Artist Feature: 070 Shake


070 Shake has been making plenty of noise in the music industry and is looking to make the big time soon. The YesJulz managed artist and G.O.O.D Music signee is putting on for North Bergen county and New Jersey as whole.

Her biggest looks have to be the “Rewind collab with Lil Yachty and the hard hitting “To The Sky” from Fabolous’s “Summertime Shootout 2”

Her melodic sound has an incredibly infectious quality. The deep tenor of her female voice makes for a sound completely unique to Shake.Its hard to pick only a few records to highlight as Shake has multiple hits in my opinion.  Standouts for me are “Swervin”

as well as “Thru the Speakers”


Artist Feature: Leaf


You all will know female singer/rapper Leaf at some point. The Fool’s Gold signee  and Brooklyn native is the total package in my opinion. Looks, talent, and loads of charisma. She has an incredible singing voice and can mumble triplets with the best of them. She’s been on record saying that singing os her main passion and rapping is a less important part of her artistry but all together they make a artist who is sure to pop. Check out her song with Yachty “Nada” and my personal favorite “Sugar Mama” ft Action Bronson.

Also check out her No Jumper interview. Its two and a half hours of Adam and her drinking Henny out the bottle and talking about sex and music. Tight as fuck.

Artist Feature: Drelli


I stumbled upon Minneapolis spitter Drelli through a repost with a collaboration he has with underground staple Warhol.SS. He immediately took my ear with his ABILITY TO ACTUALLY RAP. Which is not something most young artist value these days, but I still do. Drelli has just left high school and in a long paragraph written on his Soundlcoud bio, has struggled with deciding to do music or go to school. I personally think he should keep at it and after you listen you probably will. His range of skills and beat selection is a key factor in my affinity for his music. With only six tracks on his Soundcloud he goes from eccentric Pharell-esque beats, to bassy 808 led bangers, to soothing piano led tracks. Even though he can spit he still dives into the contemporary flows and melodic vibing that the kids are so into these days. Cosigns from Kanye collaborator Allan Kingdom, and frequent Divine Council collaborator LORDFUBU also are good signs of a future for Drelli in music. Standout tracks for me are the Warhol collab “TWPL”and the recently released “Fur ever” Check out Drelli below. Trust me he’s fire.


Artist Feature: Smokepurpp & Lil Pump


I was hesitant to do this feature because Smokepurpp and Lil Pump embody what is really going wrong with rap music today. They fit perfectly into the formulaic approach many have begun to take because it works. Guns, random comedic elements, drugs, dabbing, saying “skrrt” ,”aye” or “yuh” in between every stutter flow bar.


(Check for the waffle w/ gun scene in the “Ski Mask” video as well.)

But as much as I want to dislike these guys their music has grown on me, and despite my gripes their profiles have begun to grow rapidly in the underground as their No Jumper Interview has just been recorded, and their SoundCloud plays consistently hit the hundreds of thousands.  Standout tracks for me are the two biggest records these kids have which are “Ski Mask” by Smokepurrp

and the ode to himself “Lil Pump” by Lil Pump

If you can’t innovate or think outside the box or beat em, join em.