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New Atlanta


This new SahBabii kid has actually grown one me. Ive been sitting with his debut tape S.A.N.D.A.S and Bullshit along with a few other records have stood out. I was not expectin to liek anything else from him besides Pull Up Wit A Stick but it seems as though I underestimated SahBabii;s potential. Listen below.



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Keep it 3hunna


Reese just dropped his new project Better Days and a standout out cut is Lamron generals Reese and Keef reuniting for the dark and ethreal banger Again. Keef and Reese developed a style that has penetrated cultures worldwide and on Again they show everyone how its done. Listen below.


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This shit is so fire.


Led by Atlanta underground mastermind Key!, Two-9 have been a major blip on my radar for a couple years now. Last years B4FRVR was a promising prelude to the debut album from the Atlanta group. FRVR to me feels like the total essence of the youth in Atlanta. The project goes from 140 bpm, dabbing anthems,to leaned out drugscapes, to bright and summery slappers. Standout for me include, “None of These”, “Nasty”, “This Way” and “25/8”. Listen to the future of Atlanta below.

SahBabii X Loso Loaded “Pull Up Wit A Stick” Video

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Thug and 21 dun had a jit.


SahBabii is gaining a massive buzz in the Atlanta underground. I was put on by the likes of Joey Fatts and Kehlani who have been blasting this song on their IG’s. While it is hard to deny the appeal of the song itself, I can’t get over just how much this kid sounds like Thug and 21. He literally says “on that slaughter gang shit” and “pull up wit a stick” is a very popular Thug song. Even in the way he uses melody and manipulates his auto tune it all screams Thug/21 clone. He even looks like the baby of Thug and 21 physically, it’s scary. But my gripes won’t have any effect on the success of the song. The simple fact of the matter is today’s rap fans don’t care about biting. If it sounds good they like it. And SahBii sounds great, albeit very familiar. I’ll give him one major creative point though, the title of his debut mixtape is the acronym S.A.N.D.A.S, it stands for Suck A Nigga Dick A Somethin, amazing. Listen below.



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Lil Tracy has been teasing this mixtape for months and it dropped a few days ago. Tracy has recently been seen linking with other big underground artists like Famous Dex and apparently they have a good friendship. He isn’t on this tape but a standout track is “RackAid” featuring Atlanta youngin Uno The Activist. Standouts on the short 9 track list for me are “Minajatwa”, “RackAid”, “Come Again”, and “Wait…Hollup”. Listen below.


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The New Wave 


Uzi has been scarce recently (besides his feature on Bad and Boujee) as he has been riding the major wave of success he generated throughout 2016. He starts off 2k17 in a way more aggressive fashion with the grimy and gritty Uppin Downers. The subtitle “for Soundcloud rappers only” and the dark unprocessed feel of the song screams XXXTENTACION, as X is the biggest thing on Soundcloud right now, as well as as Uzi just shouted him out on twitter.

It seems as though the world is starting to see X’s potential and future stardom like us underground kids have seen for a a while now. Its only a matter of time till he gets out and starts really running shit. Listen to Uzi’s spin on ‘s style below.


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Council World 2k17


Divine Council are my favorite rap group right now and my sure fire bet to blow quite large in 2017. Dirtbags In Ditsress details the struggles of a stoner who just got a check. Apparently the Council boys spent their entire advance from EPIC records on dope and gear. Not bad investments if you ask me. Listen to the first track with all four members spitting heat for the first time together below.



Key! and Reese are two staples in the Atlanta underground scene and they collab for a six track mixtape. Seeing as though Key and Reese are some of if not the first people to use the ad lib and pause heavy flow that is so prevalent today they lay it on heavy over these six records. Production is handled by Sladedamonsta, K Swisha, and Franchise the mastermind behind Key’s smash “New Money”. Standouts for me are “Money Phone” ft Offset, and “Bankroll”. Stream the tape below.

Key! & Reese LAFLARE – Been Had Boyz (Prod. By K Swisha, Franchise, Sladedamonsta, KCdabeatmonster & Bobby Kritical)



Migo Gang.png

Pullin up with the sticks for real! 

Quality Control seems to be focused on releasing content this morning as they drop Migos “T-Shirt”video in addition to Yachty’s “Shoot Out The Roof”. This is one of the Migos most epic visuals as it depicts them making an ancient drug deal while an old eskimo man whips the dope over a wood fire(so tight). Peep the Migos clad in fur below and look out for the album C U L T U R E coming January 27.




Sosaa Baayybeeee!!!

In honor of the new year Sosa has decided to bless us with the highly anticipated Two Zero One Seven tape he has been teasing on his social media for the past few weeks. Keef hasn’t dropped music since last years Bang 3 and brief appearances on Travis Scott’s “Nightcrawler” and Mac Millers “Cut The Check” so this is a refreshing and welcome addition to my rotation. Keef handles the production for most of the tape besides a few beats from Lex Luger, Young Chop, and Leekeleek. Standouts are scattered around the 17 song track list and for me include , “So Tree”, “Empty”, “Short”, “Check”, “Trying Not To Swear”, and “Telling It All”. Listen to this heat below.