by mannygotbricks

Free Numba Nine


Warhol is trying to come up in 2017, his chances are bright as he is deeply connected and managed by Cole Bennet and the flourishing Lyrical lemonade movement. “Rondo” is a fast paced dizzying slapper, and Warhol finds a perfect pocket to ride and deliver a myriad of shootin, stuntin, flexin, raps. Listen below.



by mannygotbricks

Poolside Vibes


Atlanta’s Pollari has just signed with Rick Rubin and looks to be wasting no time dropping quality music and taking advantage of the opportunity. Calling Me is an slow moving R&Bass auto-tuned banger that displays Pollari’s very unique style. Watch Below.



Dexters new track “Wit Yo Bitch” impacted yesterday via Lyrical Lemonade’s Youtube channel. Dex is gearing up for the release of his project “The Real Dexter” entirely produced by Brentrambo due out December 12th. Brent and Dex have established a solid chemistry  and each track they release together is better than the last. While I wasn’t to fond of previous singles “Bag It” and “Shoot”(he literally says the same 4 lines over and over for the whole song) “Wit Yo Bitch” has struck a chord with me. A major part behind the appeal of this song is the extremely creative and expertly edited video. Cole Bennet def got some skills. Check out ‘Wit Yo Bitch” below.