Brockhampton “Rental” Video

By Emmanuel 

Saturation III is Incredible

Satutration 3.jpg

One of the biggest stories of 2017 has been the rise of California based rap collective Brockhampton. Kevin Abstract and company have made serious waves this year and they continue with their final installment of the Saturation series. The album is fucking great but of the singles released previously my favorite is the R&Bounce auto-croon ballad “Rental”. Listen below.


Brockhampton “Swamp”

By Emmanuel 

Back to the block


Brockhampton is one of the most exciting rap groups out today and they continue to not disappoint after their breakthrough album Saturation, with hard following tracks like “Gummy” and now “Swamp”. The video finds the group back on the same block they shoot all of their videos while some members play cops and the other robbers, along with a bunch of other scenes that dont really make sense for the song but it knocks none the less. Listen below.

Brockhampton “Star” Video

by Emmanuel

OF Meets Blue Man Group


Brockhampton has been releasing a variety of singles in the lead up to their debut project and they have been a smorgasbord of musical styles and tastes. From “Fact”, to “Heat” to “Star” the group has shown a wide array of skills and a high level ability to craft songs of almost any genre. On “Star” the group tackles contemporary rap styles and adds their signature quirk to it as the video is shot in the same place as all the others but with a strange twist. Watch below.

Brockhampton “Gold” Video

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

All gold everything 


Following the success of frontman Kevin Abstract’s solo debut American Boyfriend his group is looking to build of the success of that project and his nationwide tour by dropping the singles and videos for “Heat” and now the slick “Gold” video. Better trat this kids with respect because they have a wave coming. Watch below.