What The Fuck Is A$AP Rocky Doing?

By Emmanuel

These singles are trash and I’m upset.

A$AP Rocky is an artist that holds a lot of sentimental value for me. His music was soundtrack to my high school life and I hold Rocky to a very high standard musically as he has shown that he can produce high quality records of both the poppy accessible variety, as well be an artistic titan. His new album Testing is supposed to be a foray into his artistic side as he describes the album is about “testing new sounds”, and I have no problem with experimenting, it’s just when the experiments are as sub par as “Money Bags” and “5Star” is when I have a problem.


Rocky is an upper echelon artist. When he drops a project there should not be a question if the album will be good or bad but whether or not it will be classic. This time around I’m legit worried about the project being even listenable if these singles are any indication of the albums direction. Rocky you are an icon and an artist who’s success I seriously care about. Please don’t fuck this up.

A$AP Ferg ft A$AP Rocky, Playboi Carti Rich The Kid & Famous Dex “Mattress Remix”

By Emmanuel

A posse cut for the ages

Still Striving

Still Striving is Fergs return to form in my opinion as his last two projects were pretty lackluster. Another standout on this great tape is the nightmarish “Mattress Remix” Ferg calls upon Rich and Dex to go back and forth with him and Rocky over an evil, ultra dark sounding beat. Listen to these guys go off below.



A$AP Rocky “Raf” feat Lil Uzi Vert, Playboi Carti, Frank Ocean and Quavo

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Listen to Raf Now


Rocky just assembled a super team to assist him on the highly anticipated single Raf. The quality is a little iffy as it has been ripped from Apple Music Radio but its definitely good enough, and worth it to hear Frank Ocean go off using the Migo flow at the end. Listen below.


by mannygotbricks

Fashion Killa

Rocky Dior.jpg

Well this clip is everywhere now but on all the sites I’ve read about it on no one seems to care about the fact that Carti can clearly be heard in the background of the song using his signature “what” ad-lib. Rocky is poised to drop another album in 2017 so well see if Carti has a verse to go along side Rocky’s. This shit is so hard.




This is a playlist of songs to I like to get high too. Burn one(or six) and enjoy!

  1. Curren$y and Wiz Khalifa “Rollin Up”

This used to be one of my anthems in my super stoner days(everyday). How Fly never fails.


This song just asks you to sit back and roll one “open your mind” the chorus softly chants.

3.Curren$y X Riff Raff “Froze”

Its Curren$y. Music meant to smoke to.

4. G Herbo Yea I Know”

You know I had to get Herb on here. Let the ethereal vocal sample of “Yea I Know” take you away and contemplate life.

5. A$AP ROCKY “Get Lit” ft Fat Tony 

A classic smoking cut from Rocky’s debut tape. The leaned out vibes will have you feeling some type of way.

6. Divine Council “Cant Afford Me”

The Council Gang provides every kind of vibe from soft to aggressive. ICYTWAT’S ultra trancy production style and Cyrax’s soft crooning combine for an ultimate smoking joint.

7. Wiz Khalifa “Still Blazin” 

Wiz is the sole reason behind why I smoke (I listen to rap too much). This song used to be on repeat for every sesh in high school. “Kush and Oj” will be forever classic in my eyes.

8. Chief Keef “Citgo”

“GBE da squad it just us we don’t need nobody,” in case you were wondering what he says. “Citgo” is a Keef classic and lends itself perfectly to laying back with a blunt full of Tooka.

9. Juicy J X Wiz Khalifa “Stoner’s Night Pt. 2”

The 2012 takeover of Wiz, Juicy and TGOD will forever be ingrained in my memory. This is a classic joint from Juicy’s ridiculous catalogue of drugged out anthems.

10. Wiz Khalifa “Up”

This is the highest most elevated song ever recoded in my opinion. Even when your not smoking it just takes you to that place. I feel like this is the closest that listeners will ever get to feel how Wiz feels all the time. Close your eyes and go Up.


Artist Feature: Smooky Margielaa

by mannygotbricks


I know you have never heard this kids name before but let me tell you that you def will someday. Smooky Margiella is a 14 year old kid form the Bronx, and while his age may turn people away and dismiss his music, upon listening to a few records you can see the deep well of potential in this kid. If you need something to bolster you confidence besides his clear high level understanding of song structure, melody, and harmony, maybe the fact that he has been cosigned by the A$AP Mob will help you believe. The video for “Out My Face” shows Smooky on Rocky’s Snapchat before the start of the video. He has also been featured prominently on Twlevvy and Nast’s Instagram pages.The only convincing I needed was hearing the two smash hits “Out My Face” and “Layed Up.” Give this kid a year or two to develop and he will have a serious wave on his hands in my opinion. Give my standouts a listen below.