The Hottest Songs Out

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Duwap Kaine “25 Dollar Fanta”

Yeat “Calling Me”



Baby Keem “lost souls”

Guapo “Mr Put It On”

Maxo Kream ft Tyler The Creator “Big Persona”


Song Spotlight: Guapo “Mr Put It On”

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Dry hump a crackhead and go crazy

Song spotlight is meant to showcase a single record from an upcoming artist who may not have many songs our even a full project out but have a record that’s really heating up. Today I want to shine light on Texas representative Guapo and his buzzing single “Mr Put It On”. I recognized him as a Maxo Kream affiliate and was surprised to see he has a budding career on his own. His light and raspy voice caught my attention and his delivery on “Mr Put It On” is way more interesting than the rest of the few songs he has out. Peep the video below and keep an eye out for Guapo.

The Hottest Songs Out

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Trippie Redd Still Duhhh

Trippie Redd “Supernatural”

Yeat “Get Busy”

Kanye West ft Young Thug “Remote Control”

Stunna Gambino ft A Boogie “Demons”

Westside Gunn ft Stove God Cooks & Jadakiss “RIGHT NOW”

Babyface Ray ft Big Sea “It Ain’t My Fault”

Lil Tecca “DID THAT”

Meek Mill ft Lil Durk & Lil Baby “Sharing Locations”

I Told You: Lil Yachty

They all said he was trash

When I first started this blog the first three posts I wrote 5 years ago were on Xavier Wulf, Suicideboys, and Lil Yachty. I title the Yachty article “Lil Yachty Is The Truth” as at the time in college I was bumping ‘One Night” and “Wanna Be Us” over and over. (Not Minnesota, I still hate Minnesota) I remember the backlash I got from people I knew telling me that Yachty’s delivery and voice were trash and that his wave would be short lived. This negative feedback on his music was also reflected by the rap media at he time as him and Lil Uzi took all of the bullets from rap old heads for the oncoming of “mumble rap”.

Eight projects later those guys could not have been more wrong about the trajectory of young Myles as he has not only stayed extremely relevant in the rap game but continued to evolve his sound and prove that he can rap in the traditional sense as well as lead the new generation of auto tuned warblers. I personally think Yachty’s highest level of skill is in the auto tuned melody side opposed to the regular rapping, but he has proved time and again that he is damn good at both. Seeing him continue to rock festivals and drop relevant projects makes me feel great and further cement my knowing that I will always know what that shit is and no one can tell me different. Peep his latest EP release “Birthday Mix 6” dropped for his birthday yesterday below.

The Hottest Songs Out

Trippie Redd “Space Time”

Cochise “Pocket Rocket”

Boldy James “Double Hockey Sticks”

YNW Melly ft Lil Uzi Vert “Mind of Melvin”

Yung Fazo “Let Loose”

Suicideboys “Materialsm as a Means to an End”

Fredo Bang ft Coi Leray “Oou Oou”

Benny The Butcher “Pyrex Picasso”

Kodak Black ft Rod Wave “Before I Go”

B Lovee “IYKYK”

Kay Flock “Is Ya Ready”

Artist Feature: Yung Fazo

Nav little cousin is goin crazy

Yung Fazo is not related to Nav but he looks Indian/middle eastern and has just taken over my playlist. Fazo hails from New York and is another addition to the new wave of soundcloud up and comers. Some would describe his sound as hyper pop but I disagree. The beats he picks have a lot of heavy distorted synth and bass but its still very obviously hip hop. He collaborates frequently with the other heavy hitters from the scene like BabySantana, Sofaygo, SSG Kobe, and KASHDAMI cosigning him as another important piece to this new wave. Yung Fazo is shaping up to be the gym anthem king as I cant stop playing his records back to back when I’m working out. Standouts for me include “Flex Like This,”, “Let Loose”, and “Angelic Anthem”. Peep his newly released EP #Frvralone below.

Artist(s) Feature: B Lovee, Kay Flock, and Dougie B

New York Drill’s 2nd Wave

B Lovee, Kay Flock and Dougie B are three rising talents from the Bronx set to make an impact on the city’s drill scene. When listening to these guys I get the same feeling as when I first heard 22 G’z and Sheff G. Young kids from from the streets using music to talk about what really goes on.

Except there is no street beef that I know of driving the hype behind their music only hard raps and sturdy dancing. This new wave of New York drill has one distinct characteristic though as these new drill beats tend to have a sample over the distinct drums and bass (shout out Cash Cobain for creating the style). These three are always on songs with each other or all three so I thought it fitting to include them all in one article. But I have to separate B Lovee briefly as his solo song “IFYKYK” is one of the hardest New York drill songs I have heard this year. Standouts for me include “Brotherly Love”, “Opp Spotter”, and “IFKYK” among others. Their music is a bit scattered and not on all platforms so I would just search your favorite or all of them to find music. Listen to IFKYK and Brotherly Love below.

Artist Feature: YEAT

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

She say she tryna watch a movie if you get the picture

If you have opened up Tik Tok there is a very high percentage chance you have heard this mans song “Sorry Bout Dat”. After I get over that voice in my brain that tells me to stay away from too trendy things I started to look up the mans music and it is pretty good. My one gripe is that his sound can get repetitive kind of quickly as the beat selection can become redundant. But his voice and very unique use of auto-tune strikes through and that along with “Sorry Bout That” and a few other tracks being so hard makes me want to give YEAT a chance to see if he can stick around past the end this new SoundCloud wave. I love the fact that he has been making music for a while and will say himself that his early music was garbage. A clear sign of an artists who is pursuing evolution and longevity.

Standouts for me include “Sorry Bout That”, “Chanelly” and “Always Alive” Peep YEAT’s music below.

How Did Yo Gotti Do It?

by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

The Hottest Street CEO

When Yo Gotti came out with “Women Lie Men Lie” I am sure that most if not every hip hop fan did not see his trajectory in the industry becoming what it has.

In my eyes Gotti could have easily been a one hit wonder after that song but he sustained his solo career to the massive height that became “Down In the DM”. After that run he could have stepped away from music but instead he decided to become one of the best and biggest CEOs in the generation of hip hop. I personally count Blacc Youngsta as a dud but he had his run and the follow ups from Gotti’s CMG are so incredibly strong. EST Gee, 42 Dugg, and obviously Moneybagg Yo have all been ushered into the game under the Memphis rappers tutelage and it seems like he cant really steer anyone wrong. Dugg and Gee are two of the hottest young rappers and Yo had a marquee year in 2020 dropping one of the best albums and easily being a top 5 rapper for the year. CMG is poppin and looks to continue its dominance in this year. No slight to Gucci but at this point I would say CMG is a better bet than 1017. A credit to Gotti’s consistency and great executive mindset. Bravo.