UK Garage Lives

This blog is about Hip Hop a genre of music that I have been thoroughly obsessed with for long over a decade now. But rap is not the only music I have loved over the years. Metal and Pop Punk has a very serious impact on me in middle school and I found myself listening to more of that in 6th and 7th grade than rap. Now as a 26 year old UK Garage might be taking over my playlist, something to finally wrestle my ears away from Yeat, Trippie Redd, Kay Flock and B Lovee. Pink Panthress is a songstress from the UK who seems to be reviving this genre and its unmistakably iconic slappy drum patterns. This sound does not confine her as she can definitely slide with some pop vibes. I remember hearing this sound in passing a few times and never once thought I would find myself listening to it, but here I am running “I must apologise” back to back. Pink Panthress may be a stretch for most hip hop fans but if you can open your mind I think its pretty easy to see how dope the music is. Try to imagine Jhene Aiko from the UK singing you into a trance that makes you want to dance like a white girl. Pink Panthress is a very rare vibe and I advise all to listen. Standouts for me include. “Pain”, “I must apologise”, “Passion” and “Attracted To You” Listen below.


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