by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

More than a beatmaker

Cash Cobain is an artists from New York apart of this current drill wave but has a few key characteristics that make him different. Firstly, you may have already heard his name through his producer tag “This beat from Cash not from Youtube” found on many beats on songs from artists like Lucki and Lil Yachty. That is where I first started to hear the name and his signature production style being the first person to start putting samples over the familiar New York drill drums. After my intro to him as a producer I spotted an interview with him from the channel On The Radar where he talks about his work as a rapper as well.

From there I peeped his most recent tape Nirvana and was pleasantly surprised to hear it chock full of bangers, ranging from the NY drill sound to r&b vibes and beyond. Standouts for me include “BOI”, “What It Mean”, “GI Joe”, “Alone” and Wassup. Listen to BOI below and check him out on Apple Music.


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