by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

In front of that same damn garage going stupid

Teezo Touchdown is an artist from Texas who defies all convention. We cans with his look that screams Teezo and nothing else. The man has a dread head full of nails that he has never taken out even when he goes to sleep. I often think about him rolling over and getting impaled in the neck. His sound is a mixture of pop-puck, rap, and r&b rap being the least amount in the formula. 99% of his videos are filmed in the same driveway but with different themes and that setting is the only repetitive or redundant things about him or his music. It’s pretty hard to describe his sound but all you need to know is that its fire and so far from mid. Standouts for me include “Technically”, “Careful”, “Mid”, “I’m Just a Fan”, and “Campaign Freestyle”.


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