They all said he was trash

When I first started this blog the first three posts I wrote 5 years ago were on Xavier Wulf, Suicideboys, and Lil Yachty. I title the Yachty article “Lil Yachty Is The Truth” as at the time in college I was bumping ‘One Night” and “Wanna Be Us” over and over. (Not Minnesota, I still hate Minnesota) I remember the backlash I got from people I knew telling me that Yachty’s delivery and voice were trash and that his wave would be short lived. This negative feedback on his music was also reflected by the rap media at he time as him and Lil Uzi took all of the bullets from rap old heads for the oncoming of “mumble rap”.

Eight projects later those guys could not have been more wrong about the trajectory of young Myles as he has not only stayed extremely relevant in the rap game but continued to evolve his sound and prove that he can rap in the traditional sense as well as lead the new generation of auto tuned warblers. I personally think Yachty’s highest level of skill is in the auto tuned melody side opposed to the regular rapping, but he has proved time and again that he is damn good at both. Seeing him continue to rock festivals and drop relevant projects makes me feel great and further cement my knowing that I will always know what that shit is and no one can tell me different. Peep his latest EP release “Birthday Mix 6” dropped for his birthday yesterday below.


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