Nav little cousin is goin crazy

Yung Fazo is not related to Nav but he looks Indian/middle eastern and has just taken over my playlist. Fazo hails from New York and is another addition to the new wave of soundcloud up and comers. Some would describe his sound as hyper pop but I disagree. The beats he picks have a lot of heavy distorted synth and bass but its still very obviously hip hop. He collaborates frequently with the other heavy hitters from the scene like BabySantana, Sofaygo, SSG Kobe, and KASHDAMI cosigning him as another important piece to this new wave. Yung Fazo is shaping up to be the gym anthem king as I cant stop playing his records back to back when I’m working out. Standouts for me include “Flex Like This,”, “Let Loose”, and “Angelic Anthem”. Peep his newly released EP #Frvralone below.


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