New York Drill’s 2nd Wave

B Lovee, Kay Flock and Dougie B are three rising talents from the Bronx set to make an impact on the city’s drill scene. When listening to these guys I get the same feeling as when I first heard 22 G’z and Sheff G. Young kids from from the streets using music to talk about what really goes on.

Except there is no street beef that I know of driving the hype behind their music only hard raps and sturdy dancing. This new wave of New York drill has one distinct characteristic though as these new drill beats tend to have a sample over the distinct drums and bass (shout out Cash Cobain for creating the style). These three are always on songs with each other or all three so I thought it fitting to include them all in one article. But I have to separate B Lovee briefly as his solo song “IFYKYK” is one of the hardest New York drill songs I have heard this year. Standouts for me include “Brotherly Love”, “Opp Spotter”, and “IFKYK” among others. Their music is a bit scattered and not on all platforms so I would just search your favorite or all of them to find music. Listen to IFKYK and Brotherly Love below.


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