by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

She say she tryna watch a movie if you get the picture

If you have opened up Tik Tok there is a very high percentage chance you have heard this mans song “Sorry Bout Dat”. After I get over that voice in my brain that tells me to stay away from too trendy things I started to look up the mans music and it is pretty good. My one gripe is that his sound can get repetitive kind of quickly as the beat selection can become redundant. But his voice and very unique use of auto-tune strikes through and that along with “Sorry Bout That” and a few other tracks being so hard makes me want to give YEAT a chance to see if he can stick around past the end this new SoundCloud wave. I love the fact that he has been making music for a while and will say himself that his early music was garbage. A clear sign of an artists who is pursuing evolution and longevity.

Standouts for me include “Sorry Bout That”, “Chanelly” and “Always Alive” Peep YEAT’s music below.


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