by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

DJ Akademiks is the leading voice in hip-hop commentary. A entertaining as he can be he has brainwashed an entire generation of kids into thinking that whoever sells the most, charts the highest, and sells out the most venues is the best. This is retarded. Those numbers are dictated by current hotness and not quality of music. Yung Bans will probably never do over 30k sales of any project he puts out but that does not matter cause his music is drugs. Dave East will never sell out an arena but that does not matter because he is an elite rapper. What is the most popular is almost never the best. The people who form their music opinion this way say things like “G Herbo has no hits”, “Kendrick Lamar fell off” and bump Logic albums that came out in the past 5 years, aka goofies. Popularity moves in cycles talent and skill is a consistent factor that will keep you in position as long as you do not care about what the masses think about your craft.


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