Poundside Pop is one of the hottest new artists coming out of Philadelphia. But when tapping into his music do not expect the fast battle rap flows of the that the city has been known for. Pop comes with a new age flavor and to me I hear a lot of Chicago Drill in his sound. When I listen to “Zoo Militant” I can’t help but feel like how “BANG” made me feel in a song that has carries through with so much energy when the beat has no drop or bass and the flow is so unorthodox, slow and chant like.

Poundside is having a similar Lancey Foux like effect on my rotation and is quickly entering into one of my most listened to along with Foux and EST GEE. Standouts for me include “Zoo Militant”, “Get To The Check”, “Johnny Blaze”, He Say She Say”, “Gwuopy” and “Keep It G” Listen below.

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