by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Addicted to this shit

Lancey Foux is a rapper from the UK but do not even get one ounce of Grime in your mind when I say that. Lancey Foux could be on G.O.O.D Music, YSL, TDE or any label/collective he wants to be in. This mans music is actual drugs. Imagine if a rapper who sounded like the Weekend vocally, with a hard streak of MIA and a tendency to make Playboi Carti type bangers as well as slow tempo melodic anthems? If you can imagine how fire that combo would be than you know how hard Lancey Foux’s music is. Take one listen to 2019’s Friend or Foux and it should be a no brainer to add 10+ songs to your current rotation. Standouts for me include “TAKE SOME MORE***”, “Mia”, “INDIA”, “SO FREE”, and damn near every song this nigga got. Listen below right now.


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