by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Sex feels great but have you ever found out about a rapper before anyone knows about them and watched them blow up? In June of 2017 I wrote a feature about a Soundcloud rapper with one really good project out. Upon first listening to A Love Letter To You it should have been fairly obvious to anyone that Trippie was going to be one of the Soundcloud kids to stick around for a while. The versatility and originality from “Love Scars” to “Can You Rap Like Me?” proved it for me instantly and I have been locked in ever since. Four years and a lot of plaques later Trippie is beyond cemented in the game and it is expected for him to drop that shit every time. Listening to “Miss The Rage” over and over has me remising on how consistently Trippie has delivered high quality product over the years. Predicting and watching ascents like this is why I started this blog and why I love hip hop. Listen to the “Miss The Rage” below. I told you.


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