This kid got it

Stunna Gambino is coming up from the trenches of Washington Heights and after a listening to his music is should not take anyone too long to see that this kid is very likely going to be a fixture in the new echelon of New York rappers. Do not expect the familiar NY drill bounce from Stunna as his sound is more derived from artists like Lil Durk and A Boogie even claiming Lil Durk as his idol in a recent interview.

I would line him up right next to Tjay and J.I with the potential to pass both of them if things go right. They seem to be going to as the cosigns are flooding in and the numbers only go in the higher millions of views. Standouts for me include “Heartless”, “Rockstar from the Trenches”, “Demons”, and “Topp Opp Vulture”. Look for Stunna to be a new voice of the streets. Listen below.


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