by Emmanuel Louis-Charles

When I started this blog about 4 years ago the first three articles I posted where features on Lil Yachty, Xavier Wulf, and Suicide Boys. Since that time Ruby and Skrim have elevated their sound and fanbase to a level honestly above even Yachty. People may challenge me on that point but I personally believe the white trash, middle America, “Eminem is the best rapper”, fanbase is so expansive that it keeps the artist it loves at levels above most others. Ask Tech Nine if he would ever trade the support of the types of people who love his music and have kept him musically relevant and heavily touring for so many years. The Juggalos do not let go of what they love and Suicideboys have a firm grip on the ears of that market. I write this in wake of them dropping a fire new single that is a current gym anthem for me “New Profile Pic”. Listen below.


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