The Next Drill Star?

Shawny BinladeN is a new contender coming out of the east coast Queens, New York specifically. When first listening to his music a few different things stood out to me immediately. Firstly, his flow instantly should make you think of the cadences of rappers like Goonew, Splurge, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and the rest associated with that DMV style. His flow stands aside mainly due to its speed. Shawny mainly uses NY drill beats and the flow has to pick up velocity due to that. One distinct factor to his production choice is his decision to have samples over and in a lot of them which is uncommon in the scene. Shawny samples Snoop Dog, Wacka Flocka, Dipset-esque soulful vocal runs, and other styles for his tracks and when you listen to a song like “Snoop Shit”, “Grinchset Forever” or “Memories” its easy to hear the genius in it. Standouts for me include “Avalanche”, “Bigga Wick”, “Wockhardt”, “Psa”, “Dior”, and “Rerock” among others. Listen below.

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