Newer York

Sleepy Hollow is a member of the New York Drill scene pioneered by freshly released legends Bobby Shmurdah, Rowdy Rebel, 22GZ, and Casanova. The main difference between the aforementioned artists and Sleepy Hollow is the increase in female driven content, and R&B flavored melody. In a sense Sleepy merges the drill style with the style of now east coast staples like A Boogie and Lil TJay. But, do not get it twisted Sleepy will sing to you about blowing your head off and the content around females is pretty much all about getting to the breesh (cool new york slang for pussy), it’s undeniably fire and if you do not think so you are dumb or never had sex or cannot dance in any way. Standouts for me are “Bestie”, “Molly”, “2 Sauce”, “Anxiety Freestyle”, “All In”, and “Nauseous” just to name a quick few. Listen below.


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