Energee man why you do dat maaan?

If you pay attention to hip hop then there is no way you have been missing this intense wave of heat coming from Detroit and its surrounding cities. Outside of Lil Baby, Lil Durk, and Polo G rappers from Michigan dominated 2020 and are in a great position to keep up this run. Who are these spitters from Michigan I am referring to? My favorites from this new wave of artists are YN Jay, Louie Ray, Sada Baby, Veeze, BFB Da Packman, Icewear Vezzo, Rio Da Yung OG, and Babyface Ray. One of the most fun parts about these artists music is that it does not take itself too seriously most of the time and generally seems like the rappers are trying to make you laugh by saying the most outrageous bars they can.

“Without my drugs I’m only fuckin for like 7 minutes” – Rio on Legendary

“Met a bitch stank so bad she take a musty bath, I thought her booty came fake I had to touch the ass” – YN Jay on Coochie Scout

Just a few examples of the vibe to expect. Shout to Lil Yachty for being a real rap underground nerd and getting on songs with these guys for the sole reason that he loved the unique flow and beats specific to this group. When you hear “Energee man why you do dat maaaan?” you know an fast paced, bass boosted Flint,MI beat is about to come on and I for one am obsessed. Google now.


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