EST Gee is the hardest new street rapper out right now. The Louisville, Kentucky native just got my attention with his newest project I Still Don’t Feel Nun. His music is described well in the first sentence of this article. Extremely hard, drug dealing, gun toting, braggadocios street talk. Lines like “Standing over yo lady letting it dangle doin the cabbage patch” and “I don’t feel a thang so they cant find out where my weakness is” are what you can expect from the rapper. I just found out about this dude about a month ago and when I listen to his music in my rotation it has to be at least 9 songs in a row. If you listen to too much music like me you know how crazy that is. Quick standouts for me are “Opinion Base”, “Get Money”, “Still Don’t Feel Nun”, and “Young Drug Dealers 2”, Google him now.


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