By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Shoutout to Nigil


I opened my email to find another submission from a mysterious man named Nigil Blue asking me to post an artist named CDZ!. I quickly hopped over to Apple Music and checked out the kids work and was pleasantly surprised that I liked so many of the mans records. CDZ! has lots of potential and you can tell that he has been working on his craft for a long whole now. He clearly has an appreciation for lyricism but does not let it stop him from vibing out with the melodies when he wants.


I went back to his debut album, 2018’s Atlantis and quickly took a liking to to his slow, molasses like approach to traditional hip hop. An album title like Atlantis makes sense due to the fact that his music sounds like your walking underwater. I would compare his sound to artists like early Lucki , Saba, and Drake. Standouts for me include “Big Talk” , “Out The Loop”, and “Now You Feel A Way” from Atlantis. And his new single “Lucky 7”. Peep CDZ! below.


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