By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

I just dont get it 


Honestly I don’t understand how NLE Choppa became one of the premier young artists. Generic name+generic flows+generic auto tuned tracks+ generic street cuts = instant success? I think its a damn shame. As much as I try and do conform to the way the new generation of music works and how rappers get popping now it seems as though kids just like anything and anyone. Lets take a look at his hit record “Shotta Flow”. I beg for someone to point out to me something that was not done or said by a rapper in that song or video in the 6 months prior. You can’t cause the song and video look and sound like they came out of a ABC Rapper vending machine.

There so much dope talent in Memphis but NLE Choppa is the one who gets a Post Malone song? Him? This copy and paste ass nigga? I feel the same way about artist like Jay Da Youngan, Youngeen Ace, Yung Blue, OMB Peezy, and so many other fake NBA YoungBoy’s of which Choppa is another. All of these artists are doo-doo caca and if you like them you probably listen to Maroon 5 by choice.

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