By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Loser rap at its finest


Silkmoney was one of the main voices of Richmond, Virgnia rap group Divine Council. It seems as though the group has dissipated and members ICYTWAT, Cyrax, Lord Linco and, Silkmoney have gone there separate ways. While I was heavily listening to Divine Council I instantly recognized Silk as the lyricist of the clique. Silk was the only member of the Council even considered for the voting of the XXL freshman for 2016-17 making his solo star rise even more.

Since the time of records like “Dick In the Dope” Silk has dropped two very quality solo projects the second of which just came out the other day, prompting me to write this piece. This man is one of the only people in the younger generation of rap that I feel like can compete bar for bar with the lyrical front runners of the generation of rap like J.I.D, Griselda and Roc Marciano. Not only are his bars and flow elite, the content is consistently hilarious and easy to relate to. Songs with references to Ben 10, Finding Nemo, anime, weed, sex and jerking off too much make up Silkmoney’s catalog and he delivers these bars with the lyrical dexterity and confidence of one of the best bar for bar rappers out right now. His newest tape finds him heavily influenced by artists like Roc Marciano and Griselda while still keeping the bombastic and 808 heavy sound that he and the council were known for. Also look for some more conscious content here as he touches on the value of the black dollar and the plight of the black man in America Mj I. Peep his two projects below and stop sleeping on Silkmoney.


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