By Emmanuel Louis-Charles

Drill flow + Grime Beat = Smash 


Fivio Foreign joins Pop Smoke as another artist from New York experimenting with UK Grime beats and incorporating it with a gritty drill-esque New York flow. I was honestly hesitant about posting this because it sounds so much like Pop Smoke’s records but if your on the east coast right now I know for a big factory that you love this song and the numbers reflect it. I don’t have high hopes for Fivio Foreign’s future in rap, or Pop Smokes because they don’t seem to care about changing their sound and are happy to be able to grab club hosting bags. But surely this sound will fizzle out and these artists with it if they don’t show some variety in their sound. But for now SHE WANNA SUCK ON A LIT DICK (AYEE AYEE AYEE!!).


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